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Bumrungrad's Health Screening Programe Programs :



Health Screening Center at Bumrungrad:

The new Health Screening Center at Bumrungrad International is one of the largest physical check-up centers in the region providing world class service to over 30,000 people each year. The Center matches specially trained Preventive Medicine physicians with the extensive diagnostic facilities of Bumrungrad International. Patients can either select from extensive list of health screening packages or a program can be custom designed in consultation with one of Bl's physicians.


Computerized reports and digitized x-rays are produced for every check-up.


Preparing for your visit:

General Instructions:

- Do not eat or drink anything except plain water for at least 9 hour prior to chack up. In case of Upper Gl X-Ray or endoscopy, please keep fasting.

- Please bring along your ID card or passport and arrival 10 minutes before the scheduled appointment time.

- Stool and urine sample will be collected on the day of examination.

- If you have a pre-existing medical condition , please bring along any test results or reports you have for the doctor to review.


If you schedule a stress test:

- please bring your jogging shoes.

- If you need to eat before the stress test, then eat a light snack only and avoid fatty food, caffeine, and alcohol.

- If you are under treatment or taking medication for any medical or physical condition, please notify the nurse in advance.

- If you have a history of chest pain or breathing difficulty, please notify the nurse at Health Screening Center in advance.


Instructions for Abdominal Ultrasound

- Drink plenty of water befor the ultrasound exam. The test requires a full bladder for best results. Do not void prior to the ultrasound examination.



Pre-payment is required for all check up program.



The Health Screening Center is located on the 11 floor of Bumrungrad International Clinic.


Hours of Operation:

07.00-15.00 hrs. everyday.


Contact us for make appointment.

Email: reservations@samassist.com

Phone: +66(0) 5382 0621

Fax: +66(0) 5382 0622